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Smoky Mountain Jolene Jolene X Cooper of Walnut Tree

Congratulations to Jolene and Cooper! She is pregnant with at least 10 Standard Teddy Bear Bernedoodles. These puppies are due on May 21! The puppies will most likely mature between 65-85 lbs.

This will be Jolene’s last litter, so if you would like to add one of her big, adorable pups to your family, now is the time!

We are now accepting deposits for these puppies. If you would like to place a deposit to be on this waitlist, please complete the puppy application. I will contact you as soon as we receive your application.

Based on tested color traits of both Jolene and Cooper, the following colors/patterns for puppies from this breeding are possible: Phantom; Black Sable; Black Tri; and Parti Black Sable.


Please note that Smoky Mountain Doodles always retains the option for first spot on the waitlist for every litter.

1. Heather and Jesse Adams

2. Verni Gamble

3. Available

4. Available

5. Available

6. Available

7. Available

8. Available

9. Available

10. Available

Be sure to visit our Waitlist and Puppy Selection page to learn how you can add a puppy from Jolene’s litter to your family!

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